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Originally Posted by Aisha View Post
i haven't taken step1 yet... really?
ppl told me that step 1 should be taken b4 step 2 !!! is this true?
by the way, u did great ,,, the best to you too
Dear Aisha,

I too had the same problem and confusion....but its not a big deal ....
you just need to know some pathology, pharmacology and to the least anatomy stuff.
you will learn those things while you read Kaplan and mainly during ur USMLE world work out.... or if not ur satisfied still.....I can give u another solution read mechanism of action and side effects of important drugs in those books u have learned during ur preclinical curriculum daily for an hour as far as u can, that will do and help a lot.

In short do as best u can, people will try to confuse you as much as possible...let the positive ideas dwell in you...
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