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Originally Posted by Dr_Kal_El View Post
Hey guys,

here's another something that I found unusual!

Is there a specific list of alternative medicine herbal products that the USMLE expects us to know? and those that have shown up time and time again? Cuz I heard from a friend of mine who recently took his exam that about 1/3 of his questions relating to pharm had herbal products/ plants on it!

I'll be honest that kinda did freak me out

I'll list the ones that I do know:

Kava = used for chronic anxiety.
Saw Palmetto = used for BPH
Echinacea = used for common cold
Feverfew = for Migraines
St. John's wort = for depression.

help would be appreciated, thanks again guys!
I'd say pretty much know those ones you just listed and what they are used for, otherwise, just stick to the regular (pharmacology not herbal) ones that are in first aid and know those like the back of your hand- Mechanisms are a big thing. Make sure you also know what drugs are nonspecific and specific and if its alpha 1 or alpha 2, ect.
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