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Originally Posted by Rizzvi View Post
Hi Saxo.

I'm an IMG and a graduate, currently preparing for step 1. I have some questions as i'm new to this application process and its all very confusing to me. I have completed the online ecfmg certification and now i'm starting the application for usmle step 1. I have seen several threads but I'm still confused about following.

1. If i get my form 186 signed and stamped by college official, will i have to mail it or college office will do it?

2. What if i get it signed and stamped by college and mail it myself but write college office's return address on the envelope? will it get accepted? because i've read that if college official signs form 186 then college office should be sending your application in sealed envelope and not the applicant.

3. Do i need to get college official seal/stamp on envelope as well?

4. Do i need to attach form 344 and 187? because the thread only states that form 186 and 2 copies of form 345 are to be sent only?

5. What other documents should i attach in addition to my medical degree (2 copies)? i mean transcript, english language certificate and medical student performance evaluation (MSPE)? do i send these too? In form 344 which is a checklist, it states 2 copies of transcript.

6. Last question is a bit silly but i have to ask it to be on the safe side. Should the photographs be against white or blue background? And ideally what dimensions should they be?

It'd be a big help if they're answered.

hi rizzi..iam in same situation u were..i am graduate from from india and applied for step 1..and now im sending forms to ecfmg but i have same doubt as yours..can u please send me the reply to above ques or what saxo =has sent to u...please..thankx in advance..
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