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So uric acid goes into the brain and causes self mutilation, MR and choreoathetosis and
ammonia goes in to the brain and causes flapping tremor.

Urea then, is a good thing because if you can't make it then you've got a problem with the urea cycle and ammonia will accumulate.

However if Urea is increased, then depending on whether it's >15X the creatinine clearance in urine there's a kidney problem.

I get a little confused on this part too -

If BUN in urine is >15X creatinine in urine then the problem is with the kidney a nephrotic or nephritic syndrome or ATN or ARF or CRF etc...

If BUN is high but Bun / Creatinine is <15 then the problem is volume to the kidney is low for some reason - such as renal artery stenosis or CHF or something else

Is that right?
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