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This is a difficult question to answer. As always, anything is possible and a failure in an exam does not disqualify you from matching. However, I see this scenario all to often in foreign medical graduates. It must be understood that the standard that a foreign grad must achieve in order to match is much higher than an American or even a Caribbean graduate. Thus any failure in an exam wherein the vast majority of American students pass such as CS is a major hindrance to the applicant. Foreign graduates already have a stigma attached to them that they lack communication skills inherent to most American students and so failing an exam like the CS only further perpetuates this notion that you are unable to either communicate adequately with patients or relate to them appropriately (in an English speaking setting of course). IMHO, failing the CS is the absolute worst thing a foreign grad can do to himself. I personally feel it is worse than failing the other USMLE exams. However, having said this, I think the fact that you have LORs from US attendings from esteemed programs helps to nullify your CS failure to a certain extent. I think in your personal statement you will need to address this failure and offer a valid reason as to why it occurred. Always be the first to bring up some not let someone catch you off guard. Lastly, for god sakes man, make sure you pass the CS on your second attempt!

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