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Originally Posted by Ing rid View Post
UWSA 1 (April 12) - 205
UWSA 2 (May 15) - 238
NBME 6 (May 26)- 205

Step 2CK (June 21) - 238

RESULT TIMING: Got results on the 4th Wednesday at 8:45AM ET. (My step one score was given on the 3rd Wednesday after the exam also at 8:45AM ET)

Test Experience: Walked out of the exam feeling like a total idiot. I ran out of time in every block and randomly guessed on all of the biostat questions without reading them.

***IMPORTANT- I know many friends did terribly or failed the NBMEs before the exam and then ended up with 240-250 on the real thing. I found the NBMEs to be incredibly predictive of my Step 1 score, but they seemed to be very unreliable for CK. I know its great to have a guide on how you are doing, but please be careful- the NBME can shatter your confidence and prevent you from taking the exam sooner.
bravo!! this is like a doable thing. mostly people post too high scores in every assessment they take and of course the exam itself.. you guys are extraordinary.
but its good to see some average people around here like us..
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