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Smile Just came back from Exam center. Doc4step1 Exam experience. Read on!

Ok guys, finally I am able to write my own exam experience....Regardless of How I did, I owe this to this forum and all you helping souls.

So I reached there at 7:30 AM. Exam was at 8:30. The people in the center were more than nice and helpful. The lady asked me if I want to start early and What else could I ask for ...I started at 8.

Did 2 blocks straight...felt them easy.
took 10 minutes break. Ate a bit, drank some juice, and took a benzo. (I have anxiety, Palpitations, Skipping beats).
Went to 3rd block. Found a few questions tough. I mean when you don't know the answer to anything, its tough...For many it would be a piece of cake.
Even I took benzo, my heart was beating out of my chest, and skipping beats like I thought it will stop any moment.

So was forced to take another 10 minutes break. Took another benzo. drank some water and Gatorade.

Went back to 4th and 5th blocks...Not bad. Had some WTF questions. But not as hard as 3.

After 5th block I went for another break...This time 15 minutes or so. Ate half sandwich. drank water. Another 1.25 mg Benzo...Dude I have adapted tolerance to this $hit now. I forgot beta blockers at home, which I regret, cos usually one 25mg Atenolol keeps me going whole day.

After this break I went for the 6th block...Though again. Questions which u think have at least 2 right answers.

Anyway after 6th block I wanted to finish this. Just took a break but stayed at the desk...Relaxed a bit. Was getting excited that one more block and I am done. Who care I pass or Fail. At least I will not be reading FA tonight.

The 7th block was easy.

The exam was done and my heart felt like I had never had any anxiety ever ,never have i had any palpitation...Bloody cheater heart. lolz

Summary...The exam is DOABLE...I don't know if I will even pass, But for those who work hard and has a bit of basic knowledge can pass this exam any day.

50 % questions are straight forward...Only a few have tricks but if you know the concept, You will catch it...Never think they wanna fool You.... if you think thats the answer, It is the answer.

2 of my last NBMEs were risky passing marks. My UW SA 1 was 214 and UW SA 2 was 232.

I am sharing all this with you not bcos I think I will pass or I will score this much and that much...Its just to tell you that don't listen to those who think this exam is difficult and stuff.

I had some anatomy questions which I had no clue about, had to guess and move on.
Histology , very few questions.
Physio...Tested by those stupid up and down arrows...I hate them.
I had at least 3 questions from BS (Behavioral science that is ,,lolz). But were straight forward. A couple were just really BS...( this time not behavioral science. lolz).
Pharma was straight forward...Gives u a drug, want to know the mechanism, Resistance...Or just Side effect.
Patho...Lots of questions.
Biochem...I hate it and thank God , had very few from it.

Did I miss anything...Well I am sure I did...Ask me if you have any questions.

Oh I forgot to tell you. If you don't take any NBME online at least review them offline...I had at least 4 or 5 questions straight from NBMEs. Don't remember which one though.

Also I found 2 questions which were repeated in one or the other blocks...

Time for me to relax s bit.

saying again...DONT Know If I will pass or fail....But Hey I TRIED, Didn't I?

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