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Originally Posted by Dineshsharma View Post
Originally Posted by frozenkisz View Post
I just finished a medical university in Russia and I plan to take the USMLE. I got my diploma and transcript in russian language and I have to submit these documents to ECFMG. The question is:
"Do I need to legalize my original documents?" Some said that I need to get an Apostille on my original documents since my documents are not issued in USA, some said that Apostille is needed only on translated documents, but some said that no need to get Apostille at all on any documents. So I'm quite confused of this process.

What I understand is I don't need to legalize (apostille) on my original, just do the translation from russian to english and notarize, and then the notary must be certified by The Ministry of Justics of the Russian Federation, after that I need to certify the document by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the last step is to certify by The Embassy of the United States (consular department) in Moscow. Am I right?

Thank you
You just need to make the translation frm russian to english language of your medical transcripts. Try to contact with ECFMG for more information

Thank you so much. I just got n email from ECFMG too.
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