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Originally Posted by ismailsaglar View Post
Hello guys!
IMG-green card holder, Step 1 262/ Step 2 271 / Step CS Passed (everything first attempt)/YOG: 2020. will apply for IM maybe 2-3 years later.
I repeated 2 years (MS1 and MS2) because of failure. So my total time in med school is 8 years instead of 6.
Lately, people are saying to me that failure in medical school is unforgivable for PD's. How do you think about my chances about matchin into an IM residency at someday? Is it true about failure at med school? Should I give up on my plan about going to US?
BTW I am planning to do some electives and after graduation some research at US.
PDs will be asking about the information about the failures, but getting high scores in USMLE Steps and get multiple hands-on clinical experience in the specialty you want to match are the important documents of the application. Also, try to complete Step 3 exam it can help the application.
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