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You should at least know:
  1. Types of hemorrhage on CTs (in FA).
  2. Brain structures (like thalamus, hypothalamus, pineal gland, superior colliculus "posterior midbrain", area postrema "posterior medulla", hippocampus "medial temporal lobe") on sagittal MRI.
  3. Brain circulation arteriogram (vertebral artery, basilar a, MCA, ACA).
  4. Brainstem cut sections (the most annoying ones! - you can find them in Kaplan).
  5. Brainstem gross (in Kaplan).
  6. Spinal cord cut sections (in Kaplan).
  7. Abdomen CTs (just know the organs locations. Also, more importantly try to be able to identify the aorta, IVC, and portal vein. Kaplan notes contain good images on these).
USMLE Road Map Neuroscience book has those pictures, but it's not worth buying for this very reason, as it's more of a textbook; not a lot of images in there. I found many images using Google.

Here's an image showing the hippocampus (affected first in Alzheimer's) that I found using Google:

The hippocampus is at the points of crossing.

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