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you have to see why you did not match, was it your below average marks, was it your IV skills, was it the fact that the school you graduated from had their clinical rotations in doctors offices and not actual hospitals, so you got all your LOR from just attending rather than Program directors. If you graduated from INDIA, Paskistan and Middle east you should have no problem matching, if you graduated from ROSS, SABA, SGU no problem either. But schools like All Saints, Xavier and other low tier schools you have no chance, well you do but very very very low.

Now what you could do is to do CAD exams and score very well. and try to get externship in USA, most likely contact ACA since now these type of services would be better for you.

Once again if you went to low tier schools, try to get a lawyer and get your tuition back.

many many residency programs are very strict on which schools graduates they will interview [from Carib_IMG]
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