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Originally Posted by patelMD View Post
I disagree & agree.

Disagree: School names increase/decrease chances of matching
Agree: Xavier & All Saints and many of the newer schools are awful and just cash grabs.

I've met a few students from "lower tier" (ie. Windsor) schools who matched this year in good programs, school name is meaningless when everyone is an IMG. The PC's don't know one from another unless they have a resident from your school in their program.

Also, I'd think board scores matter more then school name. Many of my classmates with shitty board scores failed to match (I was in a top 4 school).
True, but when the program director, asst. program director , chief resident are from the Big 4 [Ross, SGU, AUC, Saba] I think we know the chance is higher.
Windsor is a decent school, I bet those kids had good marks.
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