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Applying for US Medical Residency is becoming more competitive each year to say the least.

It is therefore extremely important to understand what residency programs expect from applicants and what the majority of medical students and graduates are doing to secure residency.

"Non-clinical graduate work, such as research or observerships, does not qualify as clinical experience."

"Despite student perceptions that research in medical school is an essential ingredient for a successful application to residency, our findings indicate that research experience ranks low among selection criteria when all specialties are grouped together. The NRMP also found that research experience in medical school did not differ significantly among U.S. seniors who matched in their specialties of choice and those who did not.1 This was consistent across competitive and noncompetitive specialties. It should be noted, however, that in our survey, program directors in particularly competitive specialties (radiation oncology, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, and dermatology) ranked research experience highly (Table 3). It may be that when all other selection criteria are outstanding among applicants to a particular specialty, research experience or research publications may help discriminate candidates."


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Best - Victor
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