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Originally Posted by podebrad View Post
Can anyone please explain to me the similaritis and differences between the thrombotic and embolic storke??Well, the diferences and the ways to diagnose them are the ones I would like to really know about.

Thanks in Advance

thrombotic stroke will generally be seen in patient with history of atherosclerosis,hypertension and other co morbidities.s/s which will develop will depend on what artery is getting occluded.another thing specific to thrombotic stroke is that generally deficit will progress over time(called as stroke in evolution),also pt may or may not have history of transient ischaemic attacks or TIA.

(TIA-is neurological deficit which develops due to involvement of lenticulostriate branches of cerebral vessels.this deficit will resolve on its own after some time that is why it is called transient)

in case of an embolic stroke there will be a history of valvular problem,any arrhythmia.
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