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Originally Posted by DrSK View Post
So just to clarify things, you guys suggest waiting for scores and ECFMG certificate and apply a year later, rather than applying with an incomplete application and possibly having to be a repeat applicant the year after right???

Plus, do program directors know you are applying for the second/third time? I mean how can your application show that you're applying for second time? Sorry this may be a dumb question but i don't know the answer.

Thanks for your input. This is a helpful thread

what are your marks. 240+/250+ apply
if not do not apply, but if you have the cash to make the gamble apply. 225/237+ apply if you have the cash but with USCE to back it up.

the programs that IV you or reject you will know, there is something called the program director guide PDF file from eras I think if you google it you will find it, it explains how PD could figure out who is repeat applicant, but does it matter, no.
I ask again what are your marks, usce lor,???
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