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Originally Posted by leene1982 View Post
Thanks for sharing your experience and thank you for the tips. That is a lot of great information. I will definitely be checking out the Dr. Laura videos now. How long into your study process did you start using a study partner and how regularly did you use them? I am a little nervous about CIS and I need to increase my time with a study partner to work on this.
I subscribed to cse videos a few weeks ago and haven't seen the video with the 15 minute history. Maybe it was an old video? Someone I know showed me some videos he downloaded from the internet but they must have been old because the bootleg videos are not as good as what is on the paid site.
Good luck in the future!
Thank you! I started with my study partner right away and pretty much did most of the work with him.
Yes, maybe it was an old video! I did not have much time so I just decided not to watch any more of them/suscribe. For me, FA was enough...
Good luck in your prep!
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