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Star MastermindDoctor CS experience Houston May 2013

Dear friends, I want to give ultimate thanks to people running this forum, it has been a great help since starting this pathway.

I’ve been waiting for my score to appear, to post my experience and thanks GOD, I received the report last WED and I passed

Total study time: 7 weeks

Study plan:
Studying CS is a stepwise study, you master a skill then move to next one
These are the steps

1. Practice the intro & Know how to ask relevant case questions in a simple short clear form?

2. Now practice the closure (2nd most important part) regarding DD , INV &advices.

3. Introduce element of time, try to finish the whole interview without PE in 7 min

4. Watch Videos either (CSE) or Uworld videos If you have a live partner, start practicing PE,
if on skype simulate it by telling “ Now I’ll do so & so , can u please do so & so “

5. Finally practice patient note (extremely important, part in passing this test) in Timed manner
I typed them in the order : INV, DD , focal PE , HX then general PE, and add negative findings & ROS

Once you master all of these, you are ready to go to exam

These are some advices
1. Choose a good partner: lazy or easygoing partners can kill everything , an active skype partner is better 1000 times than lazy live partner ( I had very active & brilliant 2 study partners through skype, I wouldn’t have passed without them)

2. Keep your spirits high, be confident but well prepared the exam is easy but wrapped in SEVERE stress

3. Choose date & place early to find a near or convenient state ,early hotel reservation for good prices
Check the report schedule timing on NBME site to ensure you’ll have the result by desired time.

4. Practice as many cases as you can , I did FA 3 times , then we integrated the mini –cases into large case. Those who practiced 150 cases are not as those who did only 50

5. Practice cases till the exam week , you don’t want to lose your good timing level & fluency you reached

6. Practice typing PN till exam week , watch the timing as the 10 min start immediately after the announcement of “This case time is over”
IMPORTANT POINT: you must practice typing from the scratch paper you wrote during practicing the case, to assess whether you will be able to get the abbreviations you wrote in hurry or not.

7. In exam day , go to center early , don’t worry 1st case is the heaviest, then things start to get better

8. If you forget any q or any part of PE in previous case , don’t worry everybody forgets but don’t let this affect your performance in the next case

9. Your field of work is your scratch paper, after practicing a number of cases, you should reach a format that will help you to remember to ask relevant questions , do the proper counseling and extract information for PN

10. Last thing , you ‘ll meet a lot of people telling you how difficult the exam was or will be and how is it impossible to pass , others will tell you how easy you can pass without practicing. PLEASE stop listening to these people , this exam needs a good preparation and good concentration during exam, if you had both these you’ll pass.

I would be happy to answer any of your questions
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