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Originally Posted by greater_infinity View Post
Congratulations for passing the exam.

Could you share with us how you explained your diagnosis and plan with the patient? Should it be as brief as possible or should it be given some time?
Better to be a bit elaborate , as it gives the patient a good impression about you. Closure is very important , but if you are running out of time better keep it brief and move on..

Okay this is what i told , " Thank you for cooperating during the physical exam Mr/Ms---- Based on your history and physical exam I think you are having ---- but it could also be --- or --- and for us to be sure we need to run few tests --- and -----. (here you could explain what the tests are in non medical words- for ex. if you say CT then you can also add it is an imaging study ) Once are results are in I will back to you and we can discuss how to proceed next. But I assure you what ever the results are we will do our best to get you back to your best. "

Hope this helps..
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