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Originally Posted by cearamor View Post
Dude, what I've learned from the people who passed is that what matters in this test is the fluidity of your encounter, even if you forgot some minor tests or said something wrong, if this was something that didn't hurt that fluidity I will probably be fine.. I was really nervous last tuesday expecting the result, but not getting it was important for me to remember that my big picture was OK, and I hope that this is what counts!!
I've talked to some people that failed at the CIS part, some of them recognized that they were acting a little bit robotic, with blunted empathy, not responding to the SPs emotions with emotions, but instead with a memorized sentence like that of CSEVideos "I'm sorry to hear this, blah blah blah".. I think that would be a red flag.. So, the way you've said your sentence is not a major concern, what would be of more importance is if it sounded natural or not..
Thanks. I will be waiting for your good news this wesdnesday.
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