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Originally Posted by Vurtil View Post
I understand the significance of a pertinent negative finding... i.e. the patient may have pulmonary embolism, but his normal breathing rate argues against it.

On the exam, however, I thought that you were only supposed to write supporting findings for each diagnosis. At least that's all that I've seen on USMLE world and on the Sample note provided by ECFMG.

Nope, look guys.. We didnt just got this out of our arse and started telling people about pertinent negatives... It is there in the USMLE bulletin and the videos I posted here.. from youtube.

Remember that to diagnose whatever disease you need to have positive and negative findings that either support of go against that diagnosis.

The example you gave it goes against a diagnosis but i will tell you a pertinent negative that favors a diagnosis.

IN Pulmonary embolism; CLEAR LUNGS is a pertinent negative.. why? because the patient presents with dyspnea, tachypnea, chest pain and a fever.. just with that you would think in a shitload of stuff including pneumonia... but hey you find clear LUNGS SO THAT WILL narrow your diagnosis so much is not even funny.. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE of a PERTINENT NEGATIVE THAT FAVORS A DIAGNOSIS.

So now you know they exist and that YOU HAVE TO use them.

No more I didnt know and stuff.. now everyone knows
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