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Originally Posted by Vurtil View Post
gotcha... so here’s my summary of what’s posted here…

Supporting physical exam findings for USMLE Step 2 CS
  1. Positive finding – should be at least one, and probably heavily simulated to make it obvious (e.g., pain on palpation, yellow makeup for jaundice).
  2. Absence of fever – relevant almost every time. its abscence would probably already be noted under review of systems though.
  3. Other pertinent negative finding – add whenever applicable.
all in all, nobody who takes this exam should stress over this issue. as posted by others, ppl who have left it blank got a high performance rating. and i am sure that there are times that no finding will be applicable nor should be mentioned. medicine isnt a three blank filling contest... do whats applicable and necessary.
Perfectly summarized , you will do fine in your exam
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