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Originally Posted by aaru20 View Post
thanks for sharing this experience..i have my exam next week and am superstressed about not worried about the differentials but about the physical exam part.. how perfect is it suppose to be.. also time is a big issue with me..its the main thing which is making me think that I might fail this exam..i can finish the encounter in 15 min but with difficulty, I fail to understand what to miss out on because the history alone takes me about 9 minutes..also I am unable to finish my patient note on time..
The PEs don't need to be perfect. As long as you touch on it that's all that matters. Like make sure you do Rinne and Weber. Do a focused physical. How are you practicing? Are you giving yourself the complete time? Or are you cutting it to 13mins? Because when I practiced initially I gave myself 15mins but then with the neuro exams I was going over so then I started to give myself only 13mins. Try to keep your goal to getting to PE before the 5mins remaining warning and you should be good. As for the PN keep practicing. Again if your giving yourself the full 10mins then don't. Give yourself 8mins. And no matter what make sure you put the DDx and work up first and then ur HPI bc that's where majority of your point will be. Hang in there and keep or acting your PN the whole day for the rest of the week I am sure you will improve.
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