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Originally Posted by FSUSTC View Post
Hello jeesan ,
How r you ... So we r from same institution , IAHS ... Its pretty good ... you r thinking about usmle from now ... until my 5th year , i never heard of USMLE .... so you started from jan 2009 , so you will not know me .... i finished my internship Nov 2008 ... So for step 1 give more concentration in patho , physio and pharma ( 60 % ques from these 3 sub ) .... try to understand , dont memorize ... coz our study system is like memorizing .... Try to make link ... Do lots of question .... Read FA for step 1 and kaplan notes ..... Wish you best ....
Could u pls tell us about the visa ? H1B J1...Problems I might face after completing CK...I have just finished my intern this month. Thanks in advance brother.
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