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Originally Posted by ChicagoGrad View Post
Another excellent CS experience post, thanks for sharing.

Is there a resource that recommends typing in all caps? If not, I would (for future test-takers) generally recommend against it. This is one rumor that I think holds some actual weight. All caps usually does indicate IMG status. I don't think this makes a difference in evaluation despite some fears. But if people are worried about that sort of stuff, that's one thing to probably avoid.

Definitely agree with the last part. Confidence is one of the biggest keys to dealing well with your patient (and very few people are confident during a test, so you have to fake it )
I honestly typed in caps and trust me that was a last minute change I made. Honestly I don't think it does cause when was in with the sps no one could tell that I went to Caribs. I am sure they thought I was a USmed student. And hey I passed with all high performance.

Honestly confidence is key! By the second of the exam I just got so comfortable it was beyond believe I literally joked with them. And the smiles just came out naturally. But then again I am a ppl person.
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