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Originally Posted by neostigmine View Post
i am a 2010 graduate with low scores i.e. 224/209. I came to US in april 2013 with the sole purpose of applying for 2014 match. as my scores were low so i had 3 things to do. Pass CS 1st attempt, step 3 220+ and reasonable USCE. So i appeared in CS on 15th may 2013 and failed in ICE when result came on 26th of June. i was shattered. this was the 1st failure of my life. I could not think so of any error i did as far as ICE is concerned. i some how mustered up my courage and decided that if i could give CS prior to 13th of July i would still be ECFMG certified before 15th of September. so i appeared again on 11th of July 2013. during my 1st encounter i started having flashbacks, SP was answering my Qs and i was not listening to him. i hardly took any notes. when i came out i sat in front of the computer for 5 minutes and i was at the brink of nervous breakdown. i called the proctor and told him that i want to quit. he took me outside to another guy who tried to counsel me. but i was totally lost. when i came out of the CS center i called my mom back home and she could not believe her ears. after failing CS twice other efforts to save my sinking boat are meaningless. so i have finally decided to give up. 3 years of study, anxiety, passion, money, time ....everything wasted. This land is for competitive people. i could not prove my competence. i know some of you guys would still motivate me but all of you know that i am not a limping horse...... i am a dead putrefied dog. i dont know where my fate would take me but this is for sure that life has lost its meaning for me. LOVE AND BEST WISHES FOR ALL OF YOU. GOD BLESS YOU. BYE BYE
You by no means are a failure so stop talking about yourself like that.
You are a champion for acknowledging that things may be hard, smart people know when to quit.

You passed step 1 with an above average result, that puts you on the top of the pile compared to the rest of the Medical world; remember the USMLE's are considered as the hardest licensing exams in the whole world.

CS is so lame is not even funny, whatever you do and whatever you think always keep your head up.
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