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Originally Posted by npktun View Post
Honeslty .....bearing in mind that you have around 4-5 months of dedicated prep during which you have to work also .... i see that for you doing Goljan is unrealistic ....i don't know how well you have the previous basic sciences imprinted in your mind but after being away from the clinical practice for a good 6 years .... i think things would be quite fuzzy and you will need more time to cope with the stuff .... so in my point of view pathoma is best for you ...because normally for an average reader takes 2 months of time to get through goljan judging by how extensive it is and still one in the end is uncertain how much he retained because the info is extensive ...and one feels he has actually wasted time .....because it doesn't matter how much you read it depends how much you retain ..... Goljan is best utilized when you are doing your basic sciences course in your med school and you opt this book to review with your main course books .....

so for you KLN except pathology ..... pathoma ....UsmleRx and UW qbanks ....remember doing as many questions is the key for you .....
thanks for thorough reply, it will really help me, I was good in basic sciences in school, but I am away from medical studies for quite a long time and regaining that inertia will be time consuming, I will do my best what ever I can for Patho as it is a big cake in box, Will do pathoma instead of Goljan and some time I fear that I might extend my eligibility, but honestly I don't want to extend if I finish pathoma and all others that u suggested I will stick to my schedule.
thank you once again for informative reply,,,God bless you
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