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Originally Posted by drtimmy View Post
congrats on passing!!!
i gave cs few days back in atlanta
i screwed up 2 cases badly
first case...i blanked up, missed the diagnosis entirely and wrote 3 ddx of which 1 is related to the system and maybe correct. however, i believe my history and examination was ok
second case...i made a blunder in the pn...1 of the 3 ddx was completely wrong...

Rest cases were ok....might have missed some points in writing pn due to lack of time...also i believe i might have missed counseling about smoking in 1 case...but overall they were ok...

Do u think i will pass??
This wait for results is killing me...
No one here can tell you if you will pass or not. We don't know how this exam is graded and anyone who tells you differently is lying.
To me, it sounds like you did ok. Messing up 2 cases is not too bad, I have read of lots of people who did this. Of course, it depends on how many mistakes you actually made. Also on your other encounters!
No one can tell if they passed right after the exam. Everyone is worried they will fail. Will it be enough?
Unfortunately, the only way to find out is wait!
I know it is hard and it takes a lot of patience. Lots of people are in the same boat. I hope you get your results soon and hope you pass!
Good luck
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