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Originally Posted by val7 View Post
If you read the info booklet, it describes exactly how the test is now. I did not do any research to find out what the format was like before because I did not care but I am sure if you compare it to an old info booklet or ask around you will find out. I just don't know why you would need to know. The only thing that is relevant is what the test format is like now.
I did not use that Kaplan book from 2013 because it came out after I took my test. Thus, I can't tell you if it is good. I assume it uses the new test format though, which is certainly helpful.
For my, going through FA once was more than enough. Some people do the cases a few times until they know them by heart. Don't know if that helps but like I said, once was enough for me.
I definitely recommend finding a study partner. In my opinion, the most important things for this exam are:
1. Study partner
2. FA for Step 2 CS
3. Believe in yourself

Great .
Thanks a lot .
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