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Help Done withe CS, feedback please

So, I took my CS in philly and well after it was over I don't know if I was relieved or more stressed. I could remember all the things I did not do and as that is considered normal I will not stress about it. But, here are the blunders I did make and your input is appreciated. I know I can't change anything but for my peace of mind

1) For my Abd pain case, I forgot to mention Rectal/Pelvic examination in my investigations. IT was imp as one.

2) For one of the the cases I forgot to do the CNS examination. It was one of the differential but I ran out of time as I had left that for the end

3) 2 cases were so vague that I had no idea as to what the differentials were even. Just had a general idea and did a general examination..

4) The patient notes, had no time to read them after typing them. had to hit submit.

5) could not fill all the 3 D/D's in some cases

Pretty sure there are more. But, I think I handled the patients ok, answered their questions and concerns.

How bad is this?
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