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Originally Posted by mtoi View Post
i understand decrease in aldo and increase in bradykinin, but not increase in renin. please explain

decrease in aldo is therapeutic effect for decreasing blood pressure
increase in bradykinin is side effect causing cough and angioedema
Just for recap...

Renin is released from kidney in response to
  • sympathetic stimulation(via β1-receptors)
  • renal artery hypotension
  • decreased sodium delivery to the distal tubules of the kidney.
Renin is a proteolytic enzyme which converts circulating angiotensinogen to Angiotensin 1, which is converted by ACE to Angiotensin 2.

So, by blocking ACE..... the level of Renin, Angiotensin 1 & Bradykinin should increase and the level of Angiotensin 2 & Aldosterone should fall.
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