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B1 Visa Some questions regarding sponsorship of B1/B2 visa

Hello! As I understand, one has to travel to US with a B1/B2 visa in order to take the Step 2 CS exam. Now, these are the questions I have regarding application for a B1/B2 visa:

1) WHO can sponsor for the trip? Does it have to be the applicant him/herself or can it be someone in the family/relatives? And if it has to be the applicant him/herself and he/she does manage to show the required money in his/her personal bank account, will they check for sources of the finances?

2) Typically, HOW MUCH money do they regard as sufficient to support the trip? I've heard it varies with case to case and depends on the duration, purpose, etc. So if one goes for CS and stays there for say a month, what are the costs he/she will incur that he/she has to show can be met? And what does to commonly amount to in USD?

3) For HOW LONG should the tentative amount be present in the bank account? And can loans or FDR accounts be shown as a form of support?

4) What do they usually consider as SUFFICIENT TIES to the home country/abroad? Does possession of assets such as lands/apartments suffice? Is it safer to be in training/have a trainee job? I've heard regular medical house jobs aren't seen as a strong tie as they know its easy in South Asian countries to join & resign one. But is it of no help at all?

5) Is it wiser to apply with the help of an immigration lawyer or is the process simple & transparent enough for a layman to apply & go through it him/herself?

I might have some other questions popping up in my head but that's a lot of questions already so I'll stop at that!

I would really, R-E-A-L-L-Y, sincerely appreciate if someone could so kindly answer them. Any other information or advice regarding this visa process is welcome as well. I will be most thankful.
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