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Experiences glutamate CK exam experience

Preparation time: 3 mo.
Materials: Kaplan, MTB 2&3, UW, wikipedia, google images.
I started my preparation with UW and studied kaplan LN and MTB alongside. I took some time watching OBGYN videos and IM fischer videos, definitely worth the time. UW is the key to understanding how this exam is structured. Learn all the differential diagnosis and how they are presented in a question.

NBME 4: 240, 3 weeks before the exam.
UWSA: 256, 1 week before the exam.

Exam day: This exam is tough, its not easy. At the same time i want to spend some time in telling everyone out there trying to frighten people saying this exam is out of this world, "please BACK OFF". Its not impossible, its totally doable. Its just that Clinical Knowledge has no limits, you can be asked anything in the world.

Saying that, I would like to tell more about my exam day experience, its a really long exam, get some good nights' sleep. I took lot of food and caffeine to keep me active. I took a break after every block.

Each block had number of questions ranging from 41 to 44. The abstracts and drug ads were similar to the ones in UW and FRED. Each block had 3 types of questions, one is you can look at the question and get the answer right away. The other type is the hard ones, you read the quesion and feel like " what the hell are they asking about". Then the third type are the ones you really need to concentrate on and get them at the end. I believe these questions will make a difference on your score. Cant tell more as i just gave the exam.

I have been following the forums since my step 1 and i have seen a lot of people talk about step 2 ck is harder than ever and stuff, I have a question for you guys " How are you able to compare the current level of difficulty if you can take the test only once if you have passed it?"

Finally, to be frank, I dont feel good at all about this test and im waiting eagerly for the results, which will be delayed, unfortunately. This exam is tough but not impossible. All the best to everyone, YOU will do well.
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