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Experiences xyzee exam experience, 241

Hello everyone.. got my results today, 241. Thanks to GOD, my family and to everyone on this forum.

Prep time- 4 months (1 month on and off, last 3 months serious prep)
started with kaplan lecture notes, did once- not much useful as I forgot everything
MTB2 - 2x, some topics 3x
MTB3 - gynobs, peds, psychiatry.
UWORLD - 2.5x in and out (the most imp prep material)

Self Assessments
NBME2 - 5weeks before exam- 208, even though I had only 30 Qs wrong
UWSA- 216, 15 days before exam, very silly mistakes.
Free 150- 85%

Did not get a date in my city, so had to travel a day before.

Exam day - Exam was not tough, it was lengthy. The only limiting factor was TIME. I am a fast reader, so had 15 mins left out after every block, to go through all the marked Qs. But later after the exam I had doubts if I even read the Q correctly. Be ready to read the Q stems FAST and mark the answer, as you will not have time to look at the Q again. I felt some Q were vague, which needs to have basic knowledge. For one Q, based on murmurs, my headphones did not work, but marked it as it was easy and evident. Last block was 28 Qs, but were like any other block Qs, not very hard as was told.

Drug abstracts and drug ads- 4-5 in total, very easy.. not even as hard as Uworld.. so chill guys
Medicine- 70% , for me most Qs were diagnosis and management
Gynobs, surgery, psychiatry
Murmurs- 3-4
EKGs- 3
Glycogen storage, lysosomal storage, immune deficiency disorders- NONE

I want to tell that its not a hard exam. Be ready to read the Qs once and mark the answer. Time management is the key.
I did it having a 8 months old baby and in laws at my place, so everyone of us can do it ..
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