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Experiences drssbaz Step 2CK Experience; 265

265 Beyond my wildest imagination this time!

I have not been regular on the forum this time around. I had a personal roller coaster ride going on.
Now that I got a good score, I think I can write something meaningful.

The Sources:
Kaplan Lecture Notes: Finished once and revised IM once.
MTB 2 & MTB 3: Finished once. I have no idea what these books are so hyped about. I found them very very deficient. They don't even cover some of the most basic and frequently tested topics. It was frustrating!
Behavioral Science KLN Step 1: Went with it this time again. It's totally worth it.
Kaplan QBanK: Did about 78%, scored 67%. Another thing that can frustrate you beyond limits just because the interface is sooooooo primitive!
UWorld: I 'll list the scores with the scores. It's the one part of prep you can't do without but frankly even UWorld is not enough.

The Schedule:
This time around I didn't really have a schedule.
I started while doing an observership and then there was too much international and domestic travel going on and a pile of domestic issues that wouldn't get sorted out. As they say, I was in a proper pickle
Avg hours per day (while I was home) was 4-5 hours.
I was only able to finish what I was able to finish and take the exam in a hurry because of the delay in score reporting for CK takers after 27 Jul (I didn't know it when I booked my date but it meant I couldn't postpone.)

The Day Before:
Took the Free 150. Scored 93% and was feeling very happy about it.
Revised whatever flash cards I had made.
My husband was taking Step 1 and when I went to pick him up, his face spoiled the remaining three weeks for both of us. I got anxious because he had a really bad day and said the test was nothing like the Free 150 he had answered the day before.
Thanks to anxiety, could not sleep in time the night before.

The Exam:
I went in kind of numb and came out kind of blank. It's scary when an exam is like that.
I took a break at my seat between blocks 1-2, 3-4. Took about 10 min breaks after blocks 2, 5, 6. Took a 15min break after block 4 because I almost fell asleep during the block. Took another 15 min break after block 7 because I was feeling worn out after the long day.
I took bananas and RedBull.
I had 4 blocks of 45Qs, 2 of 44Qs, 1 of 43Qs and 1 of 36Qs.
There is enough time to answer all the blocks and take breaks.
I had 4 ads/ abstracts and 3 or 4 media Qs in all but all were doable.
The questions were not from out of the world but they were confusing. I kept narrowing down the options to last two but then I had to take a calculated guess. (The reason why I wasn't expecting my score to be good.)

The Scores:
UWorld Unused, random, timed mode: 77%. Started at 48%, stopped after doing about 10% of the Qbank because I was still below 50% and went back to the lecture notes.
UWorld Incorrect:78%
UWorld Marked:81%
NBME 4:5 weeks before; 610/260
Kaplan SimTes:4 weeks before; 75%, no score projection.
NBME 6:3 weeks before; 620/263
UWSA:2 weeks before; 700/256
Free 150:1 day before; 93%

2CK Score: 265

My Two Bits:
A friend told me that CK is all over the place and now I know what she meant. It is a test of knowledge but nobody is sure which bit of information is correct. It is the most confusing set of questions I have ever come across.

I guess, the only thing in our hands is to get the basics right, keep calm, not fall asleep during any blocks and then Pray like Hell!

I know my post is also all over the place because I'm still a bit dazed that I got that much. I'll try to clarify if you ask me.
Hope you guys have a better experience than I had.

Good luck!
"The whole universe is in a continuous flux... What it will be like tomorrow neither I nor anyone else can say. Only tomorrow will bring the revelation".-Osho
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