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Thumbs Up Beka-cts CS Experience ! PASS

Well fellas it turnes out that i passed this most subjective exam in the world

Congrats to all who passed ! esp to my friends mamuka and bala !

i passed with borderline on ICE, other high performance.

these are remembered mistakes i made:

Case 1 : – didn’t do MMSE, missed some Hx qs - okay

Case 2 : – asked the pt to stay in laying position, - okay

Case 3 : – pt had green color on tongue ( didn’t asked bout it) – forgot suicide question; she had ob/gyn abnr, but I forgot to do abdominal exam and to mention pelvic exam with pt and note

Case 4: – pt was uncomfortable when I asked bout dressing problems, forgot to do MMSE

Case 5: – Forgot to pull the leg rest

Case 6: – Pt was the last one and I thought she was depressed, not good Chest exam, No HEENT

Case 7: – forgot to pull the leg rest

Case 8: – okay

Case 9: Not confident questioning , didn’t mention the diagnosis, wrote SIADH instead of DI.

Case 10: Okay

Case 11: Okay

Case 12: Okay, didn’t understand the name of drug pt said it was anti-tussive that’s how I wrote it.

Didn’t listen to Mitral Valve in Females !!!!

For those who failed ! keep moving on as you can ! this is not the end !

all the best to the forum members and fellows who viewd my the last week exam results thread more then 21 000

whewww ... it's like 80 days diarrhea is gone now
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