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Originally Posted by dana187 View Post
1st of all congrats
2nd thing is tat my result didnt cum yet these are my mistakes can u plx guide mecan i pas?
1..i forget to do leg rest in my 4 abdominal examination cases
2..after doing my counselling at the closure of my all cases i forget to remove my gloves i all 12 cases and hand shake with all sp e my gloves 2 cases i found the name of my sp a bit difficult and just during the knock i used to kall my sp e name and after that i used to kall him e YOU or MR

can u people give ur valuable feedbacks..can i pass my cs exam e these mistakes??everything else was ok i think but these mistakes bother me a lot.plx need ur advise,its a real torture for me,,thanks
thank you.

i think Nr2 is the problem that is worth of worrying.

i was nearly blacking out when i remembered the above list.
but it turns out y don't have to perfect.

all the best !!!

i still think that you will pass if these are mistakes you did.

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