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Hats off to you DrSaaz !! Your hard work and perseverance paid off !
So proud for you

Originally Posted by drsaaz View Post
Hi xyzee and all

Just woke up, since yesterday my brain is going crazy, what an experience, what a roller costar ride, couldn't sleep after exam, slept today after 8:00a.m

About my prep: You guys pretty much know everything, I did watch a lot of videos, even till last day, when all words jumbled up in last days, I put on videos, watching Dr.Fischer or Dr Fasalis helped me calm down,
Then MTB 2 I did multiple times, as everyone else says, medicine is good enough, remaining things are good in mtb 3,which I couldn't revise in last days.
UW is really really imp, do that many times.

About exam:
It was 50-60% doable, like you read qs and you just click answer automatically without thinking, than 20-25% qs were like two options looked the same, so that needed little bit of thinking, then these other 20-25% cases came from Mars, gave me all sorts of palpitations, stress!

In last 14 days, do your MTB 2 for medicine and MTB 3 for other subjects very good! Off course you must do uw! Focus more on your weak areas, rather, just repeating same thing again and again!

But when you study compare in your mind or with your sp, how would you differentiate many signs and symptoms of similar diseases, like Dr.Fisher say, what is different what unique

I will say more about this exam after my result, I don't know what will happen, let's see!

All the best!
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