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Default Same here

Hi, I'm pretty much at the same stage as you. Although my UW scores haven't been as high as yours, what you said does resonate with my own experience. Most of the time for me the explanations become an "Aha" moment. In other words I'm learning a lot from UW. But I've spoken to many people (those who have been successful and those nearing the end of their prep) and the consensus is that after one read of Kaplan and maybe FA this is the way forward. I think we should just trust the process, and at the end validate it with NBMEs.

How do you study UW? I read the whole thing, then write the educational objective in a separate notebook, then the explanation with my FA (in a binder) in my own words and also why the wrong choices were wrong in my own words in FA. I also jot down the ed. objective in my FA so it reinforces further in my mind. Don't know if this is the right way though?

Also, do you have a feeling that you don't remember anything from Kaplan, I frequently have that and it scares me to think that I spent months upon months to struggle with Kaplan and I don't remember jack!!
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