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Help Step 2 CS Failure and Matching Chances

Hey Guys, I found out that I failed my cs and am very shocked and disappointed. I guess I didn't prepare for it as much as I should have. Im trying to pick myself and move on from this since I still want to apply for match 2014.
I am applying to FM only. I have decent LOR's and a good rapport with one of the FM programs I rotated in. The program coordinator infused some confidence by saying that she can vouch for me as long as my scores come back before ranking time. But that is only One program that will take a chance on me with an interview without my scores. If I scramble now, I can take a kaplan course and retake cs by Sept 7 to have the score come back oct-nov period. I'll have to take my ck in september too and have the score come out in oct-nov as well. If I take my cs after Sept7, my score will only come out after december 4.
My question to you guys is, should I still scramble to apply this year?? My step 2 cs and ck scores will be reported late. However, if I wait to apply for 2015, won't that look bad as well since I sat out a year after my graduation?
Few of the programs I looked into takes applications till dec31, 2013. Many of the programs I have looked into have interview periods going into January-Feb 2014. I am wondering if I can have my application complete with all my scores by December, assuming I get above 220 on ck and passing cs… Will program look at my application even though it is not complete by Sept 15.
willing to apply to over 100+ programs and will go anywhere.
Caribbean Medical Student- 4th year, US citizen. graduation date may2014.
Step 1-222 1st attempt
Step 2ck- will take soon
Step 2 cs- 1st attempt fail, 2 attempt score reporting in Dec!

Desperately in need of some advice. sorry for the long post. I'd greatly appreciate any input in this.
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