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Originally Posted by ` Faith ` View Post
wow awesome score! many congrats =)

i was wondering how would an SP help in exam preparation? like do you do questions together or read together? or how is it done? ^^"

could you tell us ur time schedule? like how long u spent on first read? did you do all of KLN on all topics? when u do videos do u skip the KLN?

sorry for asking many questions but i'm feeling that my first read is taking a bit longer than i've hoped it would. like IM is taking a month and i haven't finished the small topics (derm, ophtha etc..about those, what did u use for these topics?)

I'd appreciate you answering those questions

and best of luck on the reminder of your residency journey
1. I had 3 different SPs and it helped me save time, i had one sp each for KLN, MTB 2 & MTB 3, I did UW and OBGYN videos on my own during the rest of the time. It was very effective having an sp.
2. There is no strict schedule, study when your brain is receptive. Have a good study environment, eat well, sleep well( REM sleep is needed to consolidate memories).
3. I used KLN, videos to learn what i didnt know, its not like i used this book for a particular topic and i saw this video for this topic, its not set. Do UW and you will know what you do NOT know. Take it from there, start reading those topics.
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