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First Aid Should I get the new First Aid (2011)?

I know people have asked different versions of this question before, but i wanted to get some suggestions specific to my situation. I have the 2009 FA, and I have been annotating it with stuff from FA 2010, as well as Kaplan Qbank. Here are my questions:
1) Should I get FA 2011? I am getting comfortable with the 2009 version and it's well annotated, so I am worried switching to the new version may break my stride.
2) If I do get the new FA, when should I start using it? My plan is to finish Kaplan Qbank and review wrong answers by mid-March. That is the beginning of my 6 weeks off to study, so I will use UWorld for those 6 weeks. So my three choices that I can think of are
a) don't get FA2011 and keep annotating the version I have.
b) get it, and begin annotating in January with Kaplan Qbank then UWorld.
c) get it, and begin using it in March and annotate only with UW (in which case I'd continue using the 2009 version until then).
Please let me know which one of these options you think is best, or if you have any other suggestions. Thanks!
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