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Thanks for an honest review Mr. Ali

I am always cheering for people like you. Those who defeat the odds. Those who start out from nothing, from the bottom and kept fighting their way through. I would say we need more honest people like you coming to this forum. We often times see alot of 240s, while those with below 200s go silent on us.

Your story is quite inspiring. The same drive that got you through step 1, take that to completing step 2 and residency. You might have to fight and struggle your way through it, but never ever give up. I could relate to your story because i don't have stellar mcat scores either, but remember "your past does not dictate your future". Many on here would say you should probably give up, no chance of getting a residency with that score...blah blah blah...but i dont buy that, though i am also realistic but i feel in this world if you want something bad enough and work hard towards it, the universe will converge into making that thing come through for you.

So shoot for a higher score on Step 2 to try to offset your 191.

God bless
~When FEAR knocks, let FAITH answer the door.~
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