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I agree

Originally Posted by medicalbiology View Post
u crushed step 1 congratz....
I can see u worked very hard for exams..what do u think which mistakes we should avoid becuz i am also preparing for step 1 since last year's nov...

If you are reading too much then you should stop. Try use the sources that I used. The only mistake I did was not doing questions at the beginning. That's how I wasted whole year. I studied from Jan 2011 - Aug 2013; which was unnecessary if I knew that questions were important as well.

Do plenty of questions, UW Rx, Kaplan, Robbins, web path, and etc. Microbiology I used Rx only, did them over and over again totally 12x. These were repeats. Same thing with UW. I did 5x but those were repeats correct and wrong answers.

So basically the more questions you do the better shape you are. Also, don't pay attention to overall score. My UW overall is 87% and Rx overall is 72%. That's probability that I did more than once.

Hope this helps!!!
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