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Poison behavior sci mnemonic - "marijuana overdose" Check this out !

side effects of marijuana overdose are like a halloween experience . Come, let's smoke a MaryJane and enjoy a Bloody Mary!
-guy with painted hallucis longus and brevis (hallucination)
-you exclaim EgAD! euphoria, anxiety, delusion ('cause how could this even conform to your societal norms in daily life?)
-you feel all paranoid
-your mouth's all dry from the candy you've eaten
-you are bored out of your mind and at your wit's end- during your hayride - you want to go home and watch 'desperate housewives', so time slows down for ya.
- you watch some of the critters lingering around and you secretly wonder to yourself
can that be eaten? (increased appetite)
-your impaired judgement lingers on for a couple of hours - into the wee of night
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