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Originally Posted by drahmednawaz View Post
answer is adenovirus.

Adenoviruses are nonenveloped viruses with double-stranded linear DNA and an icosahedral nucleocapsid. They are the only viruses with a fiber protruding from each of the 12 vertices of the capsid. The fiber is the organ of attachment and is a hemagglutinin. When purified free of virions, the fiber is toxic to human cells.

There are 41 known antigenic types; the fiber protein is the main type-specific antigen. All adenoviruses have a common group-specific antigen located on the hexon protein.

Certain serotypes of human adenoviruses (especially 12, 18, and 31) cause sarcomas at the site of injection in laboratory rodents such as newborn hamsters. There is no evidence that adenoviruses cause tumors in humans
OMG.... You have given a genius explanation for this qn. Thank you so much. The answer is E) Infection by certain serotypes may cause sarcoma. As you said that Adenoviruses do not cause tumors but in recent study said that their certain serotypes can cause malignant in human (ex: sarcomas).
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