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Experiences Passed STEP 2 CS- Experience

I promised myself I would do this after I passed (Oct 9th), been putting it off.

I wanna start off by saying, i was sh*ttin my pants from the day i took the exam till the day i got my results. I have good scores on both step 1 and 2ck and thought I honestly failed this exam. I took the exam at the end of July at the ATL center. I prepared approx 3 weeks for the exam using just FA, and did NOT use a partner (which was my biggest mistake).

So I got to the center, real nice place, and the people are friendly. a good amount of AMG and a few IMGs were there. I would always start off by writing mneumonics and DD on the paper provided for each case.

I was extremely nervous leading up to this exam and barely slept the night before. As soon as they said "u may begin ur first encounter", I looked at the case, and got super nervous. I forgot to write down anything on my paper and went right in. I went in and realized I didnt write anything and was lost! The patient was looking at me like I had 6 heads. I asked wahtever I could for the history and moved onto the physical. The physical I used an ophthalmoscope and wasnt even shining the light into the patients eye properly. When i asked him to lay down I could not pull out the foot rest! It took a good 10 seconds and I finally got it out. I even exited the room through the wrong door!! I came out of there sooo nervous I thought I was gonna run out of the center. I got myself together and continued.

Second encounter was much better and as time went on, It was just like seeing patients. Some mistakes I made, I wasnt thoro on one of the histories... a patient had incontinence and I asked her every question in the book, but I did not ask her whether it occurs when laughing/coughing or if she had any kids. I was freaking out when I rememebered.

There was a patient who was photophobic and I shined a light into her eye and realized when i got home what i did!! another patient said his pain was worse when he laid down, what did i do? I performed an abdominal exam and then when I saw he was in pain, apologized lik 50 million times.

There were cases where the challenging question was very vague and they would repeat themselves to make you double clutch on your answer. A lot of times my history wouldnt show up much, even tho I followed mneumonics (PAM HUGS FOSS etc) and asked a lot of questions. I honestly came out feeling like crap and thought I seriously bombed the test. Reading what others wrote, I felt even worse.

Honestly, if I passed my exam, there is DEFINITELY hope that anyone can pass this exam. Some of the things i DID do:

Smile, introduce myself
Eye contact
Show empathy (sorry to hear that.. blah blah)
Before going onto physical, asked "anything else I might have missed", this worked on a couple patients.
ask for permission to do physicals
sometimes depending on time, i summarized the hx before the physical
always did a Cardio, pulm, abdominal exam.
asked permission to untie gown, and tied it at the end.
when putting on gloves I made small talk, which was always centered around their occupation..(oh i respect teachers... constuction work must be hard...)
i would help them up when they are laying down for abd exam
ALWAYS left time for closure. If the 5 minute warning went off, I finsihed what i was doing and went straight to closure. VERY important!!
shook hands before leaving.
I been using computers my entire life, and there were times were I was close to not finishing my note, make sure u practice.

to anyone freaking out like me... There is hope!!
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