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Originally Posted by drbluedevil View Post
only t3 will have negative feedback, t4 goes there and its converted ONSITE by 5'mono deiodinase to form t3 which causes negative feedback of tsh.

source : kaplan physio book!
AFIK - there are two levels of inhibition at the TRH level and at the TSH level.

at TSH level : inhibited by BOTH t3 and t4, however, since t4 is much greater in amount than t3, it is the lead in inhibiting.

at TRH level : as mentioned t4 being converted into t3 for "sensing".

Goljan mentions that T4/T3 RATIO might be the best feedback mechanism for TSH.

In cases of iodine deficiency in the environment, lower amounts of T4 might be secreted while the levels of T3 might be normal... even in those situations TSH is up..

so id say T4 - specifically T4/T3 at Pituitary level and T3 (via T4) at hypothalamus.

hope im right tho.. sort of confusing..
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