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Originally Posted by harlesmd View Post
Sorry if I repeat the same question. I am (still) confuse about the USMLE scoring system. Let put it in a scenario. If there were two students taking the exam separately at different time, will the way we interpret the exam result be different ? Let say student A get 99/230 and student B get 95/240, who has a higher score actually ??? Thx for your help guys...
There's no 95/240 score. Once you are above 230 (nowadays even 227) you get 99.
So the three digit score help to differentiate among the ninety-niners. Like for example 99/250 is certainly better than 99/230.
Below the 99 range, the three digit score is less important as the two digit score will be the determinant value. for example 96 is better than 90 which is in turn better than 85.
For an in depth analysis on how these are scored check this
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