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Experiences smallneve came out from exam yesterday

Hello guys!

Yesterday i took my exam, and here i will try to share my experience.

First of all a little background: Im 23 years old azerbaijani IMG from Russia. YOG 2013
Took my step 1 in 30.04.2013 and got 244. I wait for my step 1 score for 2 months due to verification documents problem (i still was a student then). So that time just killed me...
I start my prep for ck in mid june by watching Kaplan videos. I didnt read Kaplan books.
My serious prep started late august, so i had 4 months of serious preparation.

I read mtb 2/3 once
Did UW once - 71% ( timed unused)
NBME 4 - 235 (1 month before exam)
NBME 6 - 240 (17 days before exam)
UWSA - 257 (10 days before exam)

So uwsa results relaxed me...during uwsa i thought that i dont know what to answer in 50% of Q but i got 257

My last days before exam was strange. I felt that i burn out, i hardly pushed my self to repeat something but i repeat a lot.

My problem occured on the night before exam - i woke up 2:30 am instead of 6:30.
Before my step 1 i didnt have such problems. For me sleep is i was very anxious and tired before exam. But i pulled my self together.

So exam was lengthy. I took a break after each block.
Honestly the first block was easy....but with each block i felt that all this exam becomes unbearble. In middle of exam i felt that this is the end and i dont know exact answers for most of the Q. Q were lengthy...i felt i lost....i was so tired that i wanted to scream due to my hopelessness. But i continue. In the end of exam (last 2-3 blocks)i started to anticipate that the end of the tunnel is not so far away. The last 2 blocks were easy too.
I got 3 audio q - i hope i did well they was doable
Got 2 drug ads q - they are easy if u are read them calmly
Got 2 article q - i think they are also were doable
I had some step1 q on my ck.

So what i can say to you, guys. I dont know how i did. Even if i will fail i will not be surprised but if i get 240+ i also will be not surprised...i dont know.
Honestly I think that sharing exam experience should be done after score report:-)

So we will see
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