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Originally Posted by ginogiannone View Post
i feel you man! im in the same position i took my step 1 dec 19 and still waiting-_-... is that your gf?! felt like you were reading my mind xD...

What did you guys think of the exam on dec 2013?????

any shows other than house you guys recommend??????
oh i think you know what we all thought of the exam in Dec; just check that thread and you will see what it is. It was tough man, not much of traditional physio and biochem...stuff was kind of mixed up and jumbled; lots of questions where all the answers or half the answers looked good so hard to narrow down. I definetly know i got one ECG question wrong soley due to the fact that i didnt know that there was that type of rythm. I had gone over all the ECGs in FA, but this one wasnt mentioned to my knowledge, but it is mentioned in the Step2 CK FA. I'm hoping it was an experimental question they tossed in just to see if people would figure it out or not.
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